Meeting financial goals. Realizing purpose.

Values Investing with SeekInvest helps advisors align clients’ financial goals with their values to deliver a positive impact.

values investing

Invest with Purpose

81% of investors agree that it is important for their financial advisors to talk to them about their personal values.

With SeekInvest, financial advisors can differentiate and grow their business by seamlessly incorporating clients’ personal values.

Values Survey


Your client articulates which values are important, and we assign a values score to each holding and weighting in the portfolio.


Generate insightful & actionable proposals so you can have informed client discussions and make educated recommendations.

Survey Results

Make a Positive Impact with Investments

Add Investment Add Investments That Fit

Identify new investments that are identified as a better fit for a client and can be added to the portfolio.

Reduce Investment Reduce Investments That Don’t

Identify current portfolio holdings that can be sold, reduced or transferred in-kind to move the portfolio closer to a client’s values.

Tax Efficient Tax Efficient Changes

Review potential portfolio changes for tax efficiency (future release).

Positive Impact
Positive Impact with Offsets

Make a Positive Impact with Offsets

CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Capture or reduce emissions by purchasing carbon pollution offsets and retiring or vaulting them.

Plastic Waste Recycling & Reduction Plastic Waste Recycling & Reduction

Drive financing to plastic waste collection and recycling infrastructure.

Land Management Land Management

Finance initiatives designed to help secure rights to lands and resources, increase the resiliency of ecosystems, improve livelihoods, and create jobs.

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